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Tournament Rules





The following sets forth the rules and regulations (the “Rules”) that will apply to the GETSEEN BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT (the “Tournament”).  ATHLEDAL, LLC is the sponsor and the producer of the Tournament (the “Producer”). Application for participation does not guarantee admission into the tournament. The Tournament is currently intended, but is not guaranteed, to be produced for livestream on the internet and telecast on television/cable networks. Note: The Producer shall have the power and authority to determine all matters with respect to the Tournament and the Rules, including without limitation to make a final determination with respect to the applicability of or compliance with any Rule and the right to suspend or waive the requirements of any Rule, all and in each case, as it may determine, from time to time, in the exercise of its sole discretion. All references herein to any decision, election, determination, exercise of rights or other action by Producer means, in each instance, the exercise of such right or taking of such action in Producer’s sole, exclusive and non-reviewable exercise of its discretion.




1.     Up to sixty-four (64) teams (each, a “Team”) shall have the opportunity to participate in the Tournament; however, the number of Teams that will compete shall be in Producer’s sole discretion. Producer may elect to include fewer or more than sixty-four (64) Teams in the Tournament. 


2.     A prize fund of Five Hundred Thousand and 00/100 Dollars ($500,000) (the “Team Prize”) shall be awarded to the winners of the Tournament. The amount of the Tournament Team Prize may be increased or decreased in the Producer’s sole discretion. The Team Prize shall be allocated among such Team’s Participants (as defined below) as such Team determines, subject to certain restrictions contained herein. The prize fund will be distributed in the following format:


  • Champions: Four Hundred Thousand and 00/100 Dollars ($400,000)

  • Runner-Up: Seventy Thousand and 00/100 Dollars ($70,000)

  • Third Place: Thirty Thousand and 00/100 Dollars ($30,000)



1.     Participants and Roles. Each Team shall be composed of “Participants.”  A “Participant” is defined as either (i) an individual has been accepted by Producer to participate in the Tournament, or (ii) a person designated in a roster submitted by a Charity (as defined below) and accepted by Producer to participate in the Tournament.  A Participant may be a Player, an Owner, a Coach, or an individual in an additional role designated by a Team and approved by Producer (an “Alternative Role Participant”).   

a.      “Player” shall mean those individuals on a Team’s roster and available to play in the basketball games in the Tournament. An individual Player may only be a Participant of one Team.

b.     “Owner” shall mean the individual who registers a Team with the Producer and who oversees all aspects of the Team, including, without limitation, recruiting Players, communicating with Producer, managing the roster, including assembling and obtaining Players for a Team roster from those individuals who apply to play in the Tournament using the online process provided and described by Producer, and otherwise handling a Team’s application to play and participation in the Tournament. Each Team must have one (1) Owner. An Owner may also be a Player and or a Coach.

c.      “Coach” shall mean those individuals present on a Team’s bench during play controlling a Team’s strategy, tactics, and personnel. A Team may have one or more Coaches or may elect not to have a Coach. A Coach may also be a Player.

d.     “Alternative Role Participant” shall mean a Participant who is affiliated with an individual Team but is not a Player, Owner, or Coach. Any Teams that wish to include an Alternative Role Participant must have the Alternative Role Participant’s role authorized by Producer. Such authorization may be obtained at  An Alternative Role Participant may also be a Player.


2.     Multiple Roles. Any Owner, Coach, or Alternative Role Participant who is also a Player will count towards one of the permissible roster spots designated for Players. An Owner, Coach, or Alternative Role Participant WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO SWITCH ROLES TO A PLAYER AFTER THE ROSTER DEADLINE.


3.     Adding Participants. A Coach or Alternative Role Participant may be added, in such roles (i.e. not a Player role) to a Team’s roster at any point before or during the Tournament so long as such Coach or Alternative Role Participant registers on the Website and submits to any and all other registration forms. Players may only be added to a Team’s roster up to seventy-two (72) hours prior to the day of the first game of the Tournament.


4.     Disqualification. Producer may disqualify any person from being a Participant in the Tournament if Producer believes that such person’s participation is or may become harmful to or interfere with the integrity of the competition, competition, production and/or telecast or livestream of the Tournament.






1.     Additional Players; Fees. A Team’s roster shall consist of at least seven (7), but no more than twelve (12), Players by the posted roster deadline (the “Roster Deadline”) for the Tournament. A Team with fewer than seven (7) Players shall be ineligible to participate in the Tournament. A Team may add, but not subtract, Players after the Roster Deadline, so long as such Players are not previously registered as an Owner or Coach and so long as no Team has more than twelve (12) Players, up to seventy-two (72) hours before the day of the first game of the Tournament. A Team may add a Player after the Tournament has begun only after advancing to the second round. No Players may be added to any Team following the conclusion of the second round of the Tournament. Players sought to be added after the Roster Deadline may only be added after Producer has received a payment of Two Thousand and 00/100 Dollars ($2,000.00) (the “Player Registration Fee”). Any Player Registration Fees paid to Producer are nonrefundable.


2.     Players in Excess of Ten. If a Team wishes to register more than ten (10) Players, such Team must pay one Player Registration fee for each Player in excess of ten (10) Players on such Team.


3.     Examples.


a.      Example A: Team A has ten (10) Players and wants to add two (2) Players before it plays a game in the Tournament. The Player Registration Fee is $2,000 per Player. Thus, Player Registration Fees totaling $4,000 ($2,000 per Player) must be received by Producer prior to the additional Players being permitted to play for Team A.

b.     Example B: Team B has 10 Players and wants to add a Player for its first-round game. The Player Registration Fee is $2,000. Team B then wins its first three games and wants to add a 12th Player for its fourth-round game. The Player Registration Fee is an additional $2,000.

c.      Example C: Team C has seven (7) Players at the Roster Deadline. Team C wishes to add two (2) additional Players to its roster after the Roster Deadline, to bring its total number of Players to nine (9). After sending in Player Registration Fees totaling $4,000 ($2,000 per Player), Team C will be permitted to add the additional two (2) Players to its roster.




1.     Construction of Teams. Each Team will be required to designate its hometown and have an eligible roster (i.e., at least 7 Players), pursuant to the Rules described above. An Owner may offer any individual registered as a Player a spot on his or her Team, including those registered as Players on Teams which are not selected to Participate in the Tournament; however, in no event shall a Player be forced to play for a Team without agreeing to do so and, in no event, may a team MAY DROP A PLAYER AFTER THE ROSTER DEADLINE TO CREATE A SLOT FOR ANY TRANSFERRING PLAYER.. A Team Owner may withdraw his or her offer to an individual registered as a Player at any time prior to the Roster Deadline and a Player may withdraw his or her acceptance to join a Team at any time prior to the Roster Deadline.

Example: Player A is registered to play on Team A. Team A is not selected to play in the Tournament. Team B is selected to play in the Tournament and Team B had 9 Players on its roster prior to the Roster Deadline. Player A may join Team B and is not subject to the Player Registration Fee.


2.     Team Names Subject to Change. Producer reserves the right to alter, amend, and change a Team's name as provided by the Owner, at any time. An Owner may not name his or her team in any way that Producer finds offensive, in its sole discretion, or that in any way does or could be perceived to violate the intellectual property rights of any individual, entity, organization, or business, including but not limited to any university, high school, or professional sports organization.


3.     Team Eligibility. Producer shall determine a Team’s eligibility in its sole discretion.


4.     Team Selection. Teams selected to Participate in the Tournament will be selected in Producer’s sole discretion. As a guide to applicants, in making such determination, Producer will consider, among other factors, the following: (i) the content and completeness of the applications of each of the Team’s Participants; (ii) the Team’s satisfactory completion of the registration process; (iii) the level of basketball talent a Team possesses including, without limitation, the highest level of play for each Player on a Team (i.e., high school, collegiate, professional, etc.); and (iv) other criteria that Producer deems important to the integrity, competition, production and/or telecast of the Tournament, including certain criteria that Producer will publish and make available to applicants.


5.     Team Invitation. Producer will make final selections and announce those Teams who are invited to participate in the Tournament on Producer’s Website and by email communication to the Team Owner.  Subject to the other terms and conditions set forth herein, up to sixty-four (64) teams will be selected to play in the Tournament.




1.     Charity Donations. A Team may designate a Charity (as defined below) to which it will donate a percentage of its winnings, provided that such organization is tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (such non-profit organization, a “Charity”). In the scenario described in this paragraph, the Producer will not issue payment of any winnings directly to the Charity the Team has designated. The Team and its Participants will be solely responsible for any and all contributions, payments, or donations made to the designated Charity. PARTICIPANTS SHOULD CONSULT THEIR OWN TAX ADVISORS TO BETTER UNDERSTAND THE IMPLICATIONS OF THIS CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTION. THE PRODUCER IS NOT PROVIDING AND WILL NOT PROVIDE ANY TAX ADVICE TO TEAMS, PARTICIPANTS, OR THEIR ADVISORS.


2.     Charity-Sponsored Team. A Charity may apply to participate in the Tournament as a Team. In order to enter the Tournament, an individual representing the Charity must be a registered Owner of such Team. Any individuals who desire to play for the Charity-Sponsored Team must still register pursuant to these Rules. Notwithstanding any provision of these Rules, (i) a Charity Team is responsible for all obligations and requirements otherwise imposed on its Participants in these Rules, (ii) all Participants designated by a Charity shall participate solely as designees of the Charity Team and at its direction, and (iii) any rights or benefits, including any Team Prize, award or other benefit, otherwise granted to Participants in these Rules shall instead belong solely to the Charity applicant. Should a Charity Team enter and win the Tournament, the Producer will make payment exclusively to the benefit of the Charity and will not provide any separate payment to any other Participant playing on behalf of the Charity.




1.     General Disclosures. Any Participant who has been arrested, charged with or convicted of a violent felony, in each case that has resulted in any term of imprisonment or any form of incarceration within the last seven (7) years, or who is identified on the Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons Lists (the “SDN List”) issued by the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (including if such identification first occurs during the Tournament) may, in Producer’s sole discretion, not be eligible to participate (or continue to participate) in the Tournament and, if so barred from participation, shall not be eligible to win any portion of any prize, including, but not limited to, the Team Prizes. Producer may also exclude from participation in the Tournament any individual who has been convicted of, or found liable for, any form of sexual offense, irrespective of whether a conviction led to imprisonment or any form of incarceration or has any other criminal history. Failure to disclose a history of criminal convictions, arrests or charges or identification on the SDN List may result in a Participant’s immediate disqualification from the Tournament and may also result in the disqualification of the Participant’s entire Team. A Participant with any history of such criminal convictions, arrests or charges specified above, or any knowledge that he or she is identified on the SDN List must notify Producer of such history or identification by sending an email to prior to the Roster Deadline. Such emails must include date of offense, location of offense, arrest and/or conviction, and disposition of the case, as applicable. If Participant has not provided Producer with any such information by such date/time, Producer shall assume that such Participant has represented that he or she has no criminal history and is not identified on the SDN List. In addition to the foregoing disclosure, Producer shall have the right, in its sole discretion, to perform a formal background check in connection with any matters concerning Participant’s background, as well as check Participant against the SDN List, and Producer shall have the right to use such results to assess whether Participant may participate or continue to participate in the Tournament. Participant may be asked to provide all applicable information required of him or her in order for Producer to complete such formal background check and/or check of the SDN List, and Participant’s failure to do so may be grounds for disqualification from the Tournament.




1.     Player Information. To participate as a Player in the Tournament, an individual must provide to producer all information requested by Producer, including, without limitation, biographical data, playing history (with position), height, weight, and all other information about such individual, including digital photographs and a short digital video.


2.     Photo Identification. Producer will register all Participants on-site during the first day of the Tournament. All Participants must provide current valid and unexpired photo identification (current passport, driver’s license or state or military identification card) acceptable to the Producer to be eligible to Participate.


3.     Immigration Status. All Participants must be legally eligible to remain in the United States during the entirety of the Tournament and may be required by Producer to submit documentation that proves the foregoing. Producer is not obligated to assist, advise, or perform any duties or provide any help in any form for any Participant seeking to gain legal entry to the United States.




5.     Applicant’s Information. Each applicant must provide all information requested of him or her by Producer. Producer shall own all right, title and interest in and to all of the materials that an applicant submits, enters or otherwise chooses to include on the Website whether in the form of pictures, writings or otherwise. Any person who fails to register with Producer and to satisfactorily complete any and all required forms and registrations, as determined in Producer’s sole discretion, or otherwise fails to provide all information requested of him or her by the Producer from time-to time, may, in the Producer’s sole discretion, not be permitted to participate in the Tournament. The Producer retains the right to accelerate the admission process for any Team by admitting for entry into the Tournament any Team and its Participants.






1.     Schedule; Costs; Uniforms; Elimination. The Teams selected to participate by Producer will be seeded using a blind draw to place teams in the bracket. Producer shall determine the time and date that each Team will play. Following such determination, all times and dates may not be changed unless Producer deems it in the best interest of the Tournament. EACH TEAM IS SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR ITS OWN COSTS AND EXPENSES, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, TRAVEL, LODGING, AND MEALS. Each Team will receive team jerseys and team shorts to wear during the Tournament. No other jerseys or shorts will be permitted to be worn by any Players during the Tournament. If Producer provides members of the Team’s sideline personnel, including Coaches, Owners, or Alternative Role Participants, with apparel for the Tournament, such apparel must be worn during all games. Teams may play up to two (2) games per day. Upon a Team’s first loss in bracket play in the Tournament, such Team will automatically be eliminated from the Tournament and no longer be eligible to play or to win the Team Prize.


2.     Disqualification of Participants. Producer retains the right to disqualify any Team or Participant at any point in the Tournament, if, in Producer’s sole discretion, Producer believes that the participation of such Team or Participant is or may become harmful to or interfere with the integrity, competition, production and/or telecast of the Tournament.


3.     Replacement of Teams. If, at any point during the Tournament, a Team is disqualified from the Tournament, is not present for any game in which it is scheduled to play, or if a Team determines that it is unable to compete in the Tournament, the Producer shall have the right to select a replacement Team from among the pool of previously eliminated Teams. If a Team is disqualified from the Tournament during play, all results from its previous victories stand and cannot be challenged or changed.


4.     Gambling, Gaming, and Prohibited Conduct. Each Participant is prohibited from gambling and from associating with those who gamble in connection with the Tournament. If a Participant is found to be involved with gambling in association or in connection with the Tournament, including having taken any form of consideration, whether directly or indirectly from those who gamble in connection with the Tournament, that Participant shall be disqualified from the Tournament and shall be banned for life from competing in the Tournament in future years. Upon discovery of a Participant's involvement or association with gambling in connection with the Tournament, Producer may notify all appropriate law enforcement authorities.


5.     Withdrawal; Injury. If at any time a Participant feels he or she is unable to participate in the Tournament for health or other reasons, Participant may elect to withdraw from the Tournament and not continue his or her participation in the Tournament, so long as such Participant gives reasonable advance notice to his or her Team and the Producer. If, at any time, a Participant fails to appear for any game and/or event in connection with the Tournament and the failure to appear is unexcused and unapproved by the Team or the Producer, such Participant will be disqualified, and such Participant shall not be eligible to receive any share of the Team Prize. Owners are not required to appear at any games, but, if an Owner plans to not appear at any game, such Owner must communicate, in writing, to Producer (or its designee) that such Owner will not be attending a game. If a Participant is injured during the Tournament and is unable to continue playing, such Participant’s Team will not be able to replace Participant, but if such Team goes on to win the Team Prize, the injured Participant (other than a Participant on a Charity Team) will have the right to share in the Team Prize, subject to any separate agreement among such Team’s Participants.


6.     Prizes. Team Prizes may be allocated among each of its registered Participants in any manner approved by Producer, and Producer shall disburse the Team Prize in accordance with such allocation. Prior to the championship game of the Tournament, Teams competing in the championship game shall provide to Producer, in writing, such Team’s preferred allocation of the Team Prize. If such allocation is not acceptable to Producer, Producer, in its sole discretion, may require any team to revise its allocation of the Team Prize. If any Team fails to provide to Producer an allocation that is acceptable to Producer prior to the championship game of the Tournament, any disbursement of the Team Prize to such team will be disbursed in equal payments to each of that Team’s Participants. Teams may be required to provide additional information for the purpose of Team Prize disbursement (e.g., social security numbers, completion of IRS Form W-9, etc.).  Participants on the winning Team will also be required to sign an Affidavit of Eligibility and Publicity Release prior to receiving any portion of the Team Prize. The Team Prize shall be disbursed by RTP® Payment transfer. Producer will not guarantee payment of funds to any participant through any other means.


7.     Outside Compensation. Any Participant or Team who receives any form of compensation apart from the Team Prize, in exchange for appearing and/or playing in the Tournament, whether such compensation is direct or indirect compensation or in the form of sponsorship, endorsement, or otherwise, must inform Producer of such arrangement. Failure to inform Producer of any outside compensation may result in such Participant's and/or Team’s disqualification from the Tournament.


8.     Press Availability. Following the conclusion of the Tournament, the winning Team must be available to render press and publicity services as requested by Producer for two (2) weeks.


9.     Charity Participants. Each Participant, including those playing for a Charity-Sponsored Team, acknowledges and agrees that, as an applicant to participate in the Tournament he or she will be required as part of entry in the Tournament to execute additional paperwork which may include, without limitation, the Participant Agreement and related releases, and such other documents as Producer may require from time to time.


10.   Participant Acknowledgement. Each Participant further acknowledges that he or she has been provided with a reasonable period of time to review all Rules, and acknowledges and agrees to ask Producer any and all questions that Participant may have with respect to the Rules, the Tournament, the prizes, including the Team Prizes, and any other questions. By registering for the Tournament, each Participant agrees to all of the Rules.


11.   Forfeit; Suspension. If a Team is selected to compete in the Tournament and does not appear to compete, thereby forfeiting its game, all members of such Team shall be suspended from all of Producer’s future competitions, indefinitely, until a penalty of Twenty Thousand and 00/100 Dollars ($25,000) is paid by or on behalf of such forfeiting Team.


12.   Game Rules. The Tournament will observe the most up to date NCAA Men’s Basketball Rules & Guidelines with the following adjustments/exceptions:

a.      Timing – All games in the Tournament will play four (4) nine (9) minute quarters per game. However, each game shall be concluded in accordance with Section 12(f).

i.     Half-time will be 10 minutes in length.

ii.     Pre-game/Warm-up time will be 10 minutes in length or the announced game-time, whichever is greater.

b.     Team Time-outs – Each team will have three (3) 30 second timeouts (of which two (2) will carry over to the 2nd half) and one (1) sixty (60) second timeout. Timeouts may be called by players or coaches.

c.      Media Timeouts – Media timeouts will occur at the first clock stoppage under the 4:00 marks of each quarter. The timeouts will be sixty (60) seconds in duration. When a timeout is granted and creates a dead ball with thirty (30) seconds or less before any of the media marks or creates the first dead ball after one of the media marks, that timeout will become the scheduled media timeout.

d.     Personal Fouls – A player will be disqualified from each game after their 6th personal foul.

e.      Bonus – After a Team’s 5th team foul of each quarter, all additional non-shooting fouls will result in the opposing Team being awarded two (2) free throws. Should a Team commit five (5) or more team fouls in one (1) quarter, the opposing Team shall be considered “in the Bonus.” During the Alternative Game Ending, the Bonus shall be governed in accordance with Section 12(f).

f.      Alternate Game Ending Rules– The “Alternative Game Ending” shall proceed as follows: Upon the first stoppage at or under 4:00 of the 4th quarter, the game clock shall stop, and timed play shall conclude. At this juncture, a target score shall be set, equal to the leading team's score plus ten (10) the “Target Score”). If both Teams are tied, the Target Score shall be equal to both Teams’ scores plus ten (10). Play shall then resume until one team matches or exceeds the Target Score. The shot clock shall still be in effect during the Alternative Game Ending. During the Alternative Game Ending, and only during the Alternative Game Ending, any non-offensive, non-shooting foul committed against a Team while such Team is in the Bonus shall result in one (1) free throw being awarded to the fouled Team and the fouled Team’s continued possession of the ball.

i.     Example: Team A leads Team B 70-63 at the first stoppage under 4:00. The game clock is turned off while the shot clock remains on. The target score is set to 80. The first team that reaches or exceeds 80 wins the game.

g.     Monitor Reviews - Officials will have the use of replay review governed by the most up to date NCAA rules ONLY if the game is nationally broadcasted. Pursuant to the NCAA rules, any review that is only allowed within the last two (2) minutes of each game, shall only be allowed during the Alternate Game Ending if the score margin between the two Teams is four (4) points or fewer.

h.     Goaltending- Goaltending shall be governed in accordance with the FIBA Rulebook. A player may not touch the ball on its downward flight towards the rim, nor can a player reach through the basket to play, or alter the flight of the ball. Once the ball strikes the ring, any player can play the ball. Once the ball is in the basket, the offense can no longer violate the goaltending rule. Any attempt by a defensive player to knock away a free-throw after it hits the rim will be deemed goaltending and result in one (1) point for the foul shot. If the offense interferes with a free-throw attempt, a successful free-throw will not count.

i.      Bench Personnel & Fighting – Only registered Players, Coaches, Owners, Alternative Role Participants, and other Producer approved personnel may sit on the bench.

i.     No cell phones, hats or backpacks are allowed on the bench.

ii.     During the course of a game, any person who leaves the bench and steps onto the court of play will automatically be ejected from that game and subject to disciplinary action by Producer. If a person is determined to be in a fight/altercation during the game, he or she will be ejected from that game and subject to disciplinary action by Producer, including possible suspension or expulsion from the remainder of the Tournament.

j.      NCAA Rules –

k.     FIBA Rules –

l.      Producer reserves the right to alter, amend, or otherwise change the rules of the game by which competition will be conducted during the Tournament. Should Producer alter, amend, or change any rule, Producer shall provide public notice to Participants, fans, and media through personal communication, social media and Producer’s official website.

Last update: January 24, 2024

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