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Team Owners

Who Can Play

All players and coaches must be approved by GETSEEN prior to participation in any event. We require all players and coaches to be at least 18 years old and have no NCAA eligibility and have high level basketball backgrounds at the NCAA DI, DII, professional overseas, G-League, NBA and WNBA playing experience. This experience should be verifiable via reliable outlets. Exceptions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Team Formation Strategies

Brand Teams: Brands can establish a team to boost grassroots marketing.

Sponsored Teams: Businesses can create, or sponsor established teams.

Charity Teams: Support and bring awareness to a charity or cause by creating a team.

Personality Teams: Establish a team to connect with your fans in the community.

Alumni Teams: Create a team of former players from your alma mater.


City Teams: Represent your hometown by creating a team from your city.

Why Enter A Team?

Impact: Positively impact the community during the summer months.

Exposure: Generate additional exposure for your core business, brand, personality, charity, and or your alma mater.

Sponsorships: Secure sponsorships within your market to benefit your team.

What's Included?

- One Team Entry

- Up to 12 player roster [restrictions apply]

- Up to 3 coaches

- Custom uniforms for up to 12 players

- Polo shirts for up to 3 coaches

- 3 Game Guarantee

Revenue Opportunities

- Negotiate sponsorship deals for your team

- Promote your existing business through your team

- Play for charity of your choice [optional]

- The Prize Fund

Entry Fee

The current Team Entry Fee: $20,000

Funding Examples:

- $2,000 x 10 Participants

- $20,000 x 1 Sponsor

- $5,000 x 4 Sponsors

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